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Naples, Florida



To provide my customers with the best Christmas experience possible. I will endeavor to do this by being sober, non-smoking and professional with everyone I meet. And, I promise to have fun doing it!


TOY VILLAGE 800 - Present

Assistant to Santa Claus 1580 - Present

While working in this position I have been privileged to work with millions of children and adults around the world. The major emphasis of this position is on a single, annual nocturnal visit to the homes of children (as Santa Claus’s assistant.) Additional duties include appearing at homes and business functions as a representative of the Spirit of Christmas. I read stories to children, pass out gifts and sit joyfully while people take photographs of these visits. On occasion I will deliver special presents for adults such as jewelry or unique gifts. But, these are rare events requiring great trust and planning.


Toy Technician 1329 - 1579

This 250-year apprenticeship was concentrated on learning the finer points of toy assembly, a crucial skill when diving through chimneys with disassembled toys that need rapid construction techniques.


Elf Assistant 800 - 1328

Elf Assistant is a position composed of the basic toy-making skills, wood carving and assisting elves in the design of new models. Always challenging, this job opens the vistas of Christmas to new employees.




Schwartzwald Toy Academy 1500

Bachelor of Toys Degree in Applied Fun


Saint Nicholas Technical Institute 1780

Advanced Degree in Doll Manufacture


Keebler Institute for Elf Hygiene 1972

Certificate in Industrial Hygiene for Smaller Workers





Very flexible, handy with tools, able to work with reindeer and elves and delighted to be of service to children around the world. If it involves Christmas, SantaJoe is willing to help you meet your dreams.







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