Click on this link to send an email to SantaJoe!



SantaJoe does check his email frequently, and he'll get back to you within 72 hours most times.  But, if you really need to reach SantaJoe in a hurry, he does have a sleigh phone.  Unfortunately, as you adults already know, little ones frequently dial without giving it much thought, and web-crawlers pick up telephone numbers and put them on automated dialers. Help me to keep this number off the rest of the internet!


So, Santa is asking for your help in making sure that little ones don't latch on to this number and call.  Consider it our little secret.


Just leave a message if the elves don't pick up!


Highlight the area below to read the number:



It's not Santa's number, but he'll get the message you leave from his friendly answering service.

SantaJoe looks forward to hearing from you.



















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